Constanza Ocana Thrillers


Book 1

Once the most feared assassin in the CIA, Constanza Ocana walked away from the shadows, hoping to start a new life.

But her past wasn't through with her yet.

When a bomb claims the lives of her family, Constanza awakens from a haze of grief with a singular mission: to bring down those responsible. Drawing on her lethal skills and code name - The Blood Angel - she embarks on a brutal quest for vengeance through the cartel that committed this act.

But as the bodies pile up, Constanza starts to suspect this atrocity was no random attack. It may have been the first domino to fall in a sinister plot far more intricate - and deadly - than she ever could have imagined.

Fans of The Gray Man, The Terminal List, and John Wick will love Constanza Ocana!


Book 2

Constanza Ocana knows revenge comes at a cost, but she never expected the price to be so high.

After laying her family to rest, all Constanza wants is to put the past behind her. But escaping her role as the legendary assassin known as "The Blood Angel" in Italy proves far harder than she anticipated.

Her return to the shadows has drawn the attention of powerful enemies, including the heads of Italy's ruthless mafia families. Now they are closing in, and Constanza realizes being the hunter doesn't mean she can't become the hunted.

With her skills and instincts tested like never before, Constanza must outwit those tracking her every move if she hopes to flee Italy alive. The thrilling follow up to The Betrayed, THE HUNTED ramps up the high-stakes action as one of fiction's toughest heroines fights to stay one step ahead of complete destruction.

Fans of the non-stop action and complex characters in Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp, and Jason Bourne won't be able to put down the second book in the Constanza Ocana series!


Book 3

When last we met Constanza Ocana, she had finally broken free of the life that nearly destroyed her. But as any former assassin knows, there's no full escape from the shadows of the past.

Just as Constanza settles into her newfound freedom, fate intervenes with an offer she can't refuse: eliminate a notorious arms dealer, or spend life behind bars. It seems a simple mission to secure her future.

But nothing is ever as straightforward in Constanza's world. And with each step deeper into the target's world, she discovers a conspiracy far more intricate and sinister than expected.

In THE GAMBIT, the third thriller in Richard F. Paddon's pulse-pounding series, Constanza once again proves she's not just a formidable fighter, but also a strategic thinker capable of outmaneuvering even her most deceptive opponents.

Perfect for fans of the page-turning action and complex schemes of Jack Reacher, John Wick, and Mitch Rapp.