The Misadventures of Roscoe Harper


Book 1

"Roscoe Harper is an awesome character with shades of Jack Reacher and Crocodile Dundee all rolled into one. Hugely fun and action-packed right from the first page!"
—David Berens, USA Today bestselling author of Havana Nights

All Roscoe Harper wants is a little fun in the sun without a care in the world. But when he lays eyes on the mysterious Maggie Dupont, he gets more than he bargained for.

The sparks between them ignite into a steamy overnight fling. But when Roscoe wakes to the sound of guns cocking, he discovers Maggie has a couple dozen dangerous people wanting her six feet under.

Now Roscoe realises his tropical life just turned into a wild jungle ride. With trigger-happy goons on their tail, he must use his quick wit and even quicker reflexes to keep Maggie - and himself - alive.

As they dodge each hilarious close shave with death, Roscoe begins to realise there's more to Maggie than meets the eye. Together they'll have to unravel her secret past, while outrunning hoodlums at every heart-pounding turn.

Packed with action, twists and laugh-out-loud moments, Roscoe and Maggie's romp through the island becomes an absurd game of cat and mouse. Can our hapless hero uncover the truth and make it out in one piece? Or will his latest fling end in disaster?

Fans of Guy Ritchie and James Gunn will love Roscoe Harper!


Book 2

It's Carnival time in paradise, but the biggest party of the year is in jeopardy. When a crucial shipment of booze goes missing, Roscoe Harper is called in to find it—fast.

Roscoe's no detective, but he's got no choice but to play amateur sleuth with help from an unlikely new partner: Rosario Cruz, the mayor's strapping sister and personal bodyguard. She may be tough as nails, but can Roscoe trust her to watch his back in the island's seedy underbelly?

The mismatched duo dive headfirst into their booziest case yet, but someone would rather see Carnival canceled for good. As threats skyrocket and bodies start dropping, Roscoe and Rosario are outnumbered, outgunned, and in way over their heads.

Using his quick wit and charm, Roscoe must outsmart the perpetrators and crack the case before the entire celebration is canceled. But with the clock ticking and danger increasing, can he save Carnival in time?

Fans of James Gunn, Guy Ritchie and Elmore Leonard will love Roscoe Harper!